flow filter X

flow filter X

flow filter X is used to avoid problems during injection molding.

The filter prevents blockages of feed points caused by material impurities, such as those encountered when processing recycled materials. Superior AM-design allows an optimal flow of the plastic melt.




compared to existing solutions

  • Trouble-free injection molding
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Less machine wear
  • Better part quality
  • Better mechanical part properties
  • Lower maintenance and downtime costs
  • Less risk of residues on the mold surface
  • Easy cleaning
  • Long lifetime




Optimized melt flow thanks to superior AM design

  • Up to 33 % less pressure drop*
  • Up to 50 % less shear stress*
  • Large filtration area
  • Small mesh size also for bigger diameters
  • Good mixing properties
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Wear resistance (50 HRC)

*Compared to edge filter



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